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January 10, 2023

What are the Private Capital Markets

How does the Private Capital Markets work? Market size for the Private Capital Markets? How does the Private Capital Markets compare to the Public Markets?

Dr. Kiran Garimella

Oscar A. Jofre

Jeannette Spaulding

What is the KoreChain?

It is the first SEC-Qualified blockchain for companies seeking to raise capital online, serving as an essential Trust Infrastructure for ensuring compliant transactions for all involved participants.

Why do I need this?

In private capital markets, a trustworthy infrastructure like KoreChain ensures transparency, security, and compliance in fundraising, fostering investor confidence and market trust for smoother processes and sustainable growth.

Who is this for?

Secondary Market ATS

Broker Dealers


What type of securities?



Security Token

Digital Securities

Bringing Trust to the Private Markets

U.S private companies raised $3.9 trillion, compared to only $2.1 trillion raisedby public companies, a gap that has been widening for 6 years. The decline in the number of public companies and the rise of private financing will drive a need for efficient secondary market trading of private shares. A blockchain-enabled and globally compliant digital security is critical to the success of secondary markets for private shares.