Bringing Trust to the Private Capital Markets

KoreChain is a vital Trust Infrastructure to allow all participants to transact in a compliant manner, and the first blockchain to be SEC-Qualified for companies raising capital.

Infrastructure of Trust

KoreChain, an AI-based, global blockchain platform that manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities to ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law in multiple jurisdictions globally.


Applications for companies, broker-dealers, transfer agents and stakeholders to manage all private capital market activities.

Digital Assets

Digital representations of real-world assets (securities, real estate, contracts) stored on the KoreChain.


Private companies or unlisted issuers that need or have digital securities.


Individuals and legal entities that own securities of any type within a company.


Permissioned blockchain built on industrial-strength Hyperledger Fabric.


Share data flexibly with multiple parties using full access rights management.


Facilitate compliance with securities law and corporate law across multiple jurisdictions.


Framework and mechanics for ensuring quality, safety, security and compliance.


Nodes on the KoreChain owned by independent, regulated entities.


Authenticated access to data, minimizing fraud, preventing losses and facilitating recourse.

Proof of Ownership

Framework and mechanics for ensuring quality, safety, security and compliance.

Global Ecosystem

Verified entities such as broker-dealers, secondary markets operators, legal firms, auditors, investor relation firms, KYC/AML providers, marketing firms, etc.

Powering the Private Markets


KoreChain goes beyond the usual blockchain capabilities such as distributed ledger, cryptography, and consensus. It consists of 40 capabilities in seven layers, from the ‘bare-metal’ blockchain infrastructure to ecosystem management to functional capabilities.