KoreID Verified is a certification mark that Issuers can display on their websites alongside other certifications. It provides assurance to investors that the Issuer’s site is trustworthy when they are raising capital. KoreID is a solution developed by KoreChain. It is designed for investors, shareholders, broker-dealers, and companies who have accounts in the “Infrastructure of Trust” through trusted and regulated intermediaries.

With KoreID, individuals can use their existing login and password credentials to automatically fill in investment forms from regulated operators on our compliant and permissioned blockchain. During registration, KoreID expedites the process by automatically loading all the necessary KYC information with just one click.

KoreID Verified

KoreID Verified is a seal that appears on offering pages and provides essential information to ensure a compliant and genuine offering. It includes details such as the company’s legal name, CIK number verification, URL, location, regulation, raise amount, SEC offering link, transfer agent, escrow provider, FINRA broker-dealer, issuance technology provider, and other relevant verifications. This verification seal guarantees safe and reliable transactions within the KoreChain for any digital asset, including NFTs, stablecoins, digital securities, and digital tokens. Existing KoreClients in the KoreConX Infrastructure of Trust already have access to this feature, which helps build trust. KoreID Verified is seamlessly integrated with the KoreChain all-in-one platform, providing real-time information to the general public and regulated participants for secure transactions.

KoreID Verified is integrated with the KoreChain all-in-one for seamless real-time information for the general public and to provide regulated participants verifiable information for everyone to transact.

  • General Public;
    • Confidence offering is real
    • Confidence company is real
  • Entity verification;
  • Individual verification;
  • Open to public;
  • Integrated with KoreID;
  • Real-Time information, and disclosures.

Infrastructure of Trust that brings all regulated participants.

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