A Marketplace plays a pivotal role by connecting buyers and sellers in a secure, efficient, compliant, and optimized environment. KoreConX Marketplace Solutions offer companies three distinct options, enabling companies to create their own marketplace platform while complying with necessary intermediaries and SEC regulations

Redefining Investment Opportunities

with Compliance and Visibility

A Marketplace can be established to cater to various sectors, such as Collectibles (including cars, art, shoes, belts, cards, etc.), Franchise, Storage Units, Music, Cannabis, Real Estate (covering commercial, single and multi-home, industrial properties, etc.), Car Dealerships, and numerous other industries. The introduction of the Marketplace model revolutionizes the way investment opportunities are presented in the market, enabling new possibilities.

The KoreConX Marketplace stands out due to its full compliance with securities regulators, enabling it to fulfill two crucial functions for investors: the ability to invest and the ability to trade their investments. Moreover, investors enjoy complete visibility of their investment at different stages, ranging from purchase to trading or transfers.


A community of individuals who share similar interests in the vertical and possess a strong enthusiasm for active participation.


Engage in primary issuance, allowing individuals to invest in new offerings.


Facilitate secondary market trading, providing individuals with the opportunity to sell their investments.

Empowering Digital Securities

Revolutionizing Digital Securities on KoreChain: Exploring the Power of KoreProtocol, Fully-Compliant KoreContracts, and Secure Transactions through KoreAPI


The KoreProtocol is a specification for smart contracts on the KoreChain. The KoreProtocol describes the various types of data and methods required for various types of digital securities.


KoreContracts, written in Golang, are fully-compliant smart contracts that include judicial foundations, Ricardian encoding, and full referenceability of transactions to contract clauses.


The KoreAPI is a set of permissioned REST APIs for obtaining data and the status of transactions and to post data updates and initiate transactions. The KoreAPI interface is written in Node.js.